Preparation for Teaching Online: A Foundational Workshop for CUNY Faculty

We invite you to participate in a CUNY-sponsored workshop to prepare faculty for online and hybrid course instruction, offered by the faculty development team at the School of Professional Studies (SPS). The workshop will be offered online with activities and assignments that can be completed on a flexible schedule (asynchronously) within each scheduled week. Participants should be faculty who are scheduled to teach or develop an online or hybrid course in an upcoming semester, generally within 6 months of the workshop. Familiarity with basic functions of Blackboard is assumed.

Please note that you must be available to participate in discussion during each of the two weeks.  Participants who successfully complete requirements based on specific grading criteria and rubrics of the workshop will receive a certificate of completion from SPS and may be eligible for a payment from their college, based on 10 hours at their NTA rate (up to $550 total). Timing and conditions of payment may vary by college.

Workshop Description

This two-week, asynchronous, instructor-facilitated workshop is designed to prepare CUNY faculty for teaching online and/or hybrid classes. The workshop models effective design and facilitation skills and addresses design issues, pedagogical approaches to teaching online and hybrid courses, as well as organization and management of an online class. It also provides an opportunity for faculty to become more familiar with the environment of the Blackboard LMS from both a student and instructor perspective. The total time on task is estimated at an average of 10 hours for participants. There are no face-to-face or real-time online meetings required.

All participants are asked to familiarize themselves with the basics of Blackboard before beginning the workshop, availing themselves of their home campus resources. School of Professional Studies faculty who need some basic Blackboard training should contact Antonia Levy at to arrange for a convenient training session in person, by phone, or online.

During the workshop, “how-to” handouts will be available in the Resources area of the course site for further guidance on completing tasks in Blackboard.

Each section of the workshop contains an average of no more than 25 participants in order to allow for optimal interaction among participants and facilitator as well as individualized feedback from the facilitator.

Upcoming Preparation for Teaching Online workshops

  • January 8-21, 2018, School of Professional Studies faculty only.
  • April 23-May 6th, 2018, with priority for those teaching in Summer 2018
  • June 11-24, 2018, with priority for those teaching Fall 2018
  • July 16-29, 2018, with priority for those teaching Fall 2018


To register for the workshop’s January 8-21 session, please complete and submit the online application. Please direct any questions about PTO registration to José Muñiz, at